Philosophies & Offerings

My Philosophies

"Since life is based on self - organisation....breathe ..... and let go of what no longer serves you" Ali Wells, Yogini

Some people want solely, or predominantely, physical benefits from practicing Yoga, such as improved posture, greater mobility, reduced back pain and higher energy levels. These are core benefits and Yoga is very popular for maintaining and improving flexibility and mobility at any age. But there is so much more.

                               "Yoga is the ability to control the fluctuations of the mind" Patanjali.

The different styles of Yoga will each offer you these core benefits plus specific benefits to that style, Iyengar Yoga builds strength and patience, whereas Hatha Yoga is known as the Yoga of Wellbeing and Balancing and is a superb all rounder especially if you are new to Yoga. Instructors teach slightly differently, even if trained in the same school, some Hatha Yoga classes may be more meditative with one instructor, and more asana (posture) based with another.

What to expect from my classes

I am an absolute, firm believer that if we learn to listen to our bodies we can identify which Yoga or Pilates postures are right for us. Yoga, Pilates and Tai Chi are often referred to now as 'the hottest forms of personal development in the world' and when used appropriately can be a fantastic healing tool, a life changer, a way of life, a social hobby, and above all a tool for greater mind and body wellbeing. I will endeavour to help you to ease into your Yoga practice and postures, to trust the process and to be mindful of your breathing.

My classes encompass the knowledge that Buddha recognised that by meditating and practicing Yoga he trusted his own intuition more, looked into his own heart and mind. He became freer from greed, ignorance and hatred, characterised by compassion and wisdom. I will encourage you to use your imagination, to positively visualise, which is a beautiful given to aid a calmer mind. A calmer mind improves our abilities to focus and make decisions. Yoga is a wonderful healing tool and I will share with you my knowledge and passions for energy poses, classic asanas and pranayama techniques (postures and breathing) to assist with de-stressing and helping the mind and body manage change. I will also help you develop relaxations that work for you and assist you to design and maintain your own self practice reaching a greater sense of self and the beautiful person within.

"The study and practice of Yoga, purifies the body, improves health and strength of the mind. Above all, it intensifies spiritual growth" (Theos Bernard, Yoga Pioneer).

Individuals, Schools and Businesses

Positive-Postures exists to provide each person with an opportunity to create a greater wellbeing for themself using ancient personal development widsom through small group classes, workshops, 1:1 sessions, or remote guidance. Whether partaking in one of my classes or in a 1:1 session, in my Anjali (offering) I will encourage you to adopt the key foundations and to practice in a good way with excellent elements to a more peaceful self, learning more about how we are all Bodisattva's, tapping into our compassions for self and others with the help of the chakras and tattvas. 

Classes or workshops for example, may focus on exam-destress for pupils, improving clarity of mind and overall energy. Bespoke classes for businesses and employees might focus on managing change and productivity.