Pilates ... low impact strengthening and toning

My approach

Pilates and Yoga for some sit hand in hand in forming a fitness and wellbeing routine. In can be an especially valid tool to injury recovery and supported with good Physiotherapy, can be a superb way to improve core strength and reduce back pain. I have found that my own practice of Pilates has enhanced my Yoga and vice-versa.

Joseph 'Pilates', initially wanted Pilates to be known as 'Contrology' involving mindful, non-jerky, controlled movements. There are essentially key principles to good Pilates practice, and in my delivery of Pilates, (with a strong Yogic influence), I endeavour to uphold the classic principles which include:


Breath and flow



Concentration and

Smooth non-jerky movements.

My Offering

My classes are available for beginners as well as those who have practiced Pilates for some while. I offer private 1:1 tuition in the luxury of your own home, which for some can be the introduction into class attendance that is needed. My Yoga knowledge supports my Pilates delivery, similarly as Joseph Pilates knew the Yoga 'big guns' of his era and studied Yoga, dance, gymnastics and much more in his quest for devising a core strengthening and toning gentle but highly effective form of exercise. 

Rediscover, reinvent yourself? .... Yoga may not be for you, Pilates may suit you best. I hope to inspire and enthuse you in your journey, learning and practice of either.