About Me

About Me

For many years I have been passionate about Yoga as an ancient wisdom and wellbeing tool. I have been practicing and teaching both Hatha & Ashtanga Yoga for over 30 years and throughout that time have come to truly value that this wonderful, form of wellbeing can travel with you wherever you go in this beautiful world.


My love of Yoga commenced over 3 decades ago whilst living in North Devon, with the introduction to Hatha Yoga. Taught by one very inspirational man, Malcolm Wilkins, a British Wheel of Yoga trained instructor, I experienced many health benefits, including the reduction of migraines.

Malcolm shared with me his own Yoga findings as he explored mindfulness and pranayama alongside the growing trend of 1970's practice of classic Hatha Yoga poses. I have inherited his Yoga library, together with his adoration of beautiful soulful practice, and exploring this amazing mind and body wisdom unity, we know as Yoga. 

As a qualified Further Education Lecturer, with an BA(Hons) from Plymouth University and Post Compulsory Education & Training Cert-Ed, I commenced my Yoga teaching through Adult Education courses in colleges. My teaching has grown organically into teaching at Spa's and Health Clubs such as The Nuffield Health. I have worked alongside physiotherapists and deliver community wellbeing classes for Local Authorities in the South West.  I teach regular, weekly village hall classes, deliver in-house corporate classes for employees and over the last 15 years I have been teaching Yoga classes for both pupils and staff in private schools in Somerset, Dorset & Gloucestershire including Kings College Taunton & Sherborne Girls School.

I chose to expand my tutored knowledge of British Wheel of Yoga's approach to Hatha Yoga, and have distinctions at levels 3 and 4 in Hatha Yoga and Ashtanga Yoga with The British School of Yoga.

I am also a qualified level 3 Pilates instructor and a Colour Therapist. The combination of these hottest forms of personal development in the world, together with colour therapy and art have, and remain my utter mainstain to fitness and wellbeing. I hold a Certificate in Basic & Therapeutic Counselling and am currently completing my psychotherapy practitioner Certificate concluding many years of professional study of CBT and Solution Focused counselling.