About Me

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About Me

For many years I have been passionate about Yoga as an ancient & fun wellbeing tool and valued that it travels with you wherever you go!

Delivering regular classes and workshops in the South West of England, I also teach at events in the UK and occasionally overseas. My love of Hatha Yoga especially, started with a need to reduce migraines. Now three decades later, and largely due to one very inspirational man who became my Yoga Master I am here enjoying practicing and teaching Yoga, Pilates and colour therapy to a wonderful collective of men and women. 

The last ten years have been an organic growth from teaching Yoga part time at a beautiful West Country Spa, where I was based for 14 years. I decided to expand on this and so departed from corporate business training and development and college lecturing, to set up Positive Postures.

My Yoga Master, who was British Wheel of Yoga trained, taught me a vast amount about Hatha Yoga and bequeathed me his Yoga library. Expanding on his teachings, I studied both Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga and Pilates to Level 4.  My general wellbeing offering is now structured using a combination of these qualifications and a Post-compulsory Education Teaching Degree (Cert-Ed). 

As a design graduate with a BA(Hons) in Design Fashion, I have always been interested in colour and recently qualifed as a Colour Therapist. This enables me to integrate in more depth chakra and colour meditations into my yoga offering. I am gradually developing my artwork to link more with Yoga and wellbeing, some examples are available from this site,

The world of yogic philosophy is in my mind fascinating and almost every day I continue to learn something new about Yoga and Pilates. Ashtanga Yoga and it's 8 limbs, and Hatha Yoga meaning the Yoga of Wellbeing and also Sun and Moon, is the Yoga that balances negative and positive. Iyengar or Bikram Yoga might be what suits you best, they all have wonderful attributes but I specialise mainly in Hatha Yoga. 

I hope I can inspire you to explore Yoga and find the right style for your own wellbeing, just as my yoga master inspired me. I owe alot to him, to Malcolm Wilkins, I am here because of him, because of his passion for Yoga. Pilates is a superb way to improve core strength and sits well alongside Yoga and Tai Chi. Again, I hope I can enthuse you to explore these hottest forms of personal development in the world.